One to One Coaching

Coaching is about working with your son or daughter to achieve the best results they possibly can.

The Student Accelerator Academy and Study Less Book are great places to begin learning how to learn. Beyond this, coaching one-to-one helps bring perspective shifts, motivation, and specific tweaks. This helps foster confidence, and gives strategies for success that empower your child to achieve their study goals.

You can book a session using the calendar below.

Coaching is different from tutoring in a number of ways:

  • Tutoring focuses on subject content. Coaching prioritizes mindset and motivation. (While also teaching specific learning tools).

  • Tutoring emphasizes giving answers to students. One-to-one coaching encourages student-led growth, which leads to results far beyond the final exams.

  • Tutoring helps with one subject at a time. A learning coach offers principles that apply across all subjects.

  • Coaching affects the experience of learning both at school and beyond. It is based in goal setting, uprooting limiting beliefs, getting organized and becoming internally motivated. (Nobody is there to hold their hand during university!)

We offer a free 30-minute coaching session for those who have enrolled in the Student Accelerator Academy.

Sessions are conducted over Zoom. Parents are encouraged to drop in at the start or finish, but discouraged to stay throughout a whole coaching session, as it needs to be a student-led process. We email notes to parents after each session to summarize what was worked on, and any new goals that have been set.

1-1 Coaching Rates:
1-hour session = $110
45-min session = $85
30-min session = $60