One to One Coaching

Does your son or daughter need a bit of an academic boost? For precise and targeted academic assistance we offer one-to-one video based coaching.

Coaching doesn’t eliminate the need for subject specific tutoring, however it differs in a few key ways:

  • Tutoring mainly focuses on subject content. Coaching prioritizes mindset and motivation, while also teaching learning tools.
  • Tutoring emphasizes giving answers to students. One-to-one coaching encourages student-led growth, which leads to ongoing results.
  • Tutoring helps with one specific subject. A learning coach offers principles that apply both at school and beyond, such as goal setting, uprooting limiting beliefs, getting organized and becoming internally motivated.
If you’re looking for our six-week group coaching program, check out the Accelerator Academy.

Get in touch to discuss if coaching may be the right choice for your child.