A MUST READ for all students looking for a high ATAR score

This book is fantastic. Learning how to learn, and how to remember words and numbers, is something that is highly undertaught. I wish someone showed me these techniques when I was in high school.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book which transformed my approach to learning and to life quite frankly.

The second half of the book has incredible practical examples of how to remember words and numbers, and they really do work! The techniques Ben describes may seem quite strange to begin with, but if you give them a try you will not be sorry…

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I found it to be practical, concise, thought provoking and also very humorous!



This book is well researched and thought out, and set out in a straight forward way that will encourage me to refer back to the sections I need as I need them. The author isn’t telling you what to do, or that his way is the only way- but rather offering several tried and true options to explore yourself, to find what works … I came away feeling encouraged about what I can achieve


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