Why The Academy
To have a large range of university options, you need to achieve good grades. It can be frustrating to feel like you aren’t reaching your potential. Learning the best and fastest ways to learn isn’t generally taught in school. We fill that gap.
The Academy is a 6-week online coaching program for engaged high school students. With a capped group size, the weekly coaching sessions include time at the end to ask any tricky questions. Students get access to additional resources to satisfy their curiosity.
Student Results
Quick wins such as doubling reading speed and memory ability give students a natural confidence boost. Debunking myths of genius while developing a growth mindset, unlocks hidden potential. We teach learning tools that are scientifically proven to be superior to popular study methods. When students experience a direct connection between efforts and improved results, there’s a spike in intrinsic motivation. This leads to a positive snowballing of results and motivation.
What's the Value for Parents?
Parents gain confidence that their child has access to excellent coaching that will help them achieve their peak academic potential. While subject specific tutoring is helpful for a single subject, it may cost thousands of dollars a year across multiple subjects. The Accelerator Academy is a small one-off investment in learning that will benefit your child’s entire academic results, and set them up for success at university.

Academy Outline

Each week we unpack one of the following six learning keys:

1. Memory

Dive into the power of imagination and association. Learn how to apply memory techniques to your current subjects with examples from history, biology, foreign languages, chemistry, English etc. This will empower you with more efficient and reliable recall for the final exam and beyond.

2. Peak Performance

Understand why young children are the fastest learners. Learn how to activate a growth mindset in each of your subjects. Find motivation to push through a study slump. Understand the difference between hard work and smart work, so that you have a strong mindset to overcome inevitable bumps in the road.

3. Power Reading

Discover the art of speed reading to be able to double your reading pace while maintaining comprehension. Explore the various types of speed reading. This will shave lots of time off your research for essays or written assignments, so you can redirect your time and energy where it’s most needed.

4. Razor-sharp Recall

Tap into the science of targeted practice to reduce unnecessary study time. These techniques include active recall, deliberate practice and paced repetition. These skills will boost your confidence about performing well on your final exams, so that you can achieve the grades you’re aiming for, and ultimately get into the course and career you want.

5. Essay Domination

Learn a simple method of planning and executing on your essays. This will help you set a clear vision, and overcome procrastination. Also, master the power of effective note-taking, so you can eliminate the need to learn things twice. Freeing up time will ideally mean you can keep a good study-life balance so that you can finish high school with both results and a smile!

6. Brain Mastery

Look at ways to eliminate distraction and create laser focus, using time blocks, batching, goal setting and rewards. Understand the connection between nutrition, sleep, exercise and your brain machine, so you can operate at a peak level. Review the academy content to cement the understanding. Set some personal growth goals so that you feel empowered to continue your journey of self improvement and accelerated learning.

What's Included?

  • Online Coaching

    Six Weeks of Online Group Coaching = 60-min video call + optional extra 30-min Q&A

  • Email Support

    There are no stupid questions! Twelve Weeks of Email Support (6 during, 6 after)

  • Study Less Ebook & Workbook

    Follow along or refer back with the Study Less and Remember More Ebook

  • Access to Private Forum

    Connect and share ideas / success stories / challenges with other bright students in a private student forum

  • Extra Resources

    Lifetime access to recordings, cheat sheets, workbooks and flashcards. Access to member-only articles on accelerated learning and memory

  • One-to-one Coaching Call

    30-minute 1-1 targeted Coaching Call


No problemo. If you are unhappy for any reason, you have 21 days to change your mind and get a full refund.

Yes, while it’s slightly cheaper to pay upfront, you can pay it off in instalments.

We have intentionally designed the time commitment to be minimal (from as little as one hour each week), so it can fit in with your current schedule. You get lifetime access to the resources and recordings, so you can refer back as often as you want.

The content has been road-tested with students in 1-1 coaching, but this is the first time we are running the Academy in this format, so there may be a few little hiccups here and there. The price will likely increase next time once we’ve ironed out the wrinkles.

In theory, a lot of the ideas could be found scattered across many different books (even dating back thousands of years!) However, a key benefit of the Accelerator Academy is the practical experience of your coach, answering questions and walking with you as you learn the tools. We’ve done the years of research, so you can apply the best bits to your studies.

Yes. The purpose of the Academy is helping you learn faster and more easily in high school and into university, using tangible examples, and practical tools. While memory techniques are great, and can be used in many subjects, it is only a single tool of many that we teach in the Academy.

No. The science of learning how to learn isn’t a direct consideration in school curricula. We all figure out ways of learning that help us complete our studies. However, there’s a big disconnect between what is possible to achieve, and what is expected in the classroom. We’re taught rote-learning, not because it’s scientifically best, but because it’s popular in education. We are taught to read a single word at a time, instead of a block of words at a time, because that’s what seems to make sense. We put posters on the back of the door with multiplication tables because it’s always been done, not because it’s the best method for learning quickly.

Self-motivated students will get the most out of the program. We discourage signing up if your child really doesn’t want to do it.

Yes. Your willingness to grow is much more important than your current grades. We work on improvement, not perfection. In other words, it’s you vs. you.

Absolutely. Even if you lack confidence, we will walk with you to develop a growth mindset and break limiting beliefs.

The Academy may not be the best option for you. We do however offer 1-1 coaching. We have worked successfully with some students who have disabilities or behavioral issues, but please get in touch to discuss your needs and goals.

There is always room for improvement! For example, if a student ends up 5 points short of their dream course, it will add another year of university study (and debt) before they can apply to transfer to what they really want. The better your results in school, the more study options open up to you. More options equals more freedom to choose your ideal career direction.

Of course, school success isn’t everything. But many people succeed despite their earlier failures, not because of them. You can achieve anything you want in life if you’re committed and willing to persist through failures. However, the benefit of focusing on school while you’re there, is that you teach yourself to persist, to overcome obstacles, and to win at the “game of school.” Self improvement in your studies reinforces to yourself that you can achieve things in life that you want, even if you previously thought you had no natural talent.

We teach principles of learning that are universally applicable, regardless of age. There will be examples from a range of subjects and grade levels, plus opportunity for individual assistance. A five year old girl who learns the principles of chess strategy has skills to beat an 80 year old man who has been playing his whole life, but never been taught chess strategy (e.g. The Polgar sisters). Learning isn’t age dependent. We break down concepts to ensure everyone can understand the content, and nobody is left behind.

We use a group forum and membership site that isn’t accessible to the general public. The coaches will be actively participating to ensure that the forum stays safe. Parents are free to drop by, listen in to the coaching sessions, or watch back the video replay. Our coaches are thoroughly vetted with relevant working with children checks.