Highly Recommended

"Before we learnt the technique I remembered 4 out of 10. Afterwards, I got 10 out of 10 (items) in order. I would highly recommend Ben. He has a knack with teaching and makes it fun during the process."

Jordan Gregory-Hunt
Mount Martha, VIC

An introduction to the most effective tools for accelerated learning. Learn the power of memory tools, flashcards, mindset and motivation, speed reading and more!

Explore simple yet powerful memory techniques that you can use in your study. These tools help you with content-rich learning in subjects such as foreign languages, anatomy or history.

Sometimes we resolve to work towards a dream, but when there’s an unexpected bump or twist in the road, our big dream ends up gathering dust. Thankfully it doesn’t have to end there! Learn how to make the impossible, possible, with small steps.

Is happiness a magic pill? Or is it more like a garden that grows with care? Learn how to find happiness in the everyday through the seeds of perspective, gratitude and generosity.