The Genius Approach

Welcome to The Genius Approach…

Interactive with Lots of Fun

Ben is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. Plus the subject was very interesting – proven methods and techniques to help us remember things, from learning a language to names and trivia. The seminar was interactive with lots of fun exercises and laughter.

Katarzyna Karpinska

Librarian, Scarborough Library

Amazingly Effective Techniques

Ben was a fantastic facilitator. The simple exercises he had everyone do were great fun and the techniques amazingly effective. We had a large and enthusiastic crowd attend who all wanted to know when we’d be holding the next one!

Penny Crowley

Librarian - Busselton City

Proven to be Highly Popular

Ben is proven to be highly popular with our customers and it is great to see families come into the library to participate in his programs.


Librarian - Bunbury Public Libraries

A Pleasure to Work With

Ben is fantastic! He is a pleasure to work with and have at our Library. He is super presentable, approachable and very engaging.

Jacqueline Quadrio

Librarian - Bunbury Public Libraries

A Natural Communicator

Ben is a natural communicator and had his audience completely engaged in the process of learning simple memory techniques. Not only were the attendees thrilled with their immediate results (after doing some short exercises) but they were hungry to learn more. Fun, educational and highly recommended for all ages. The ultimate ‘self-improvement’ session!


Librarian - Armadale Library

Enjoyed Immensely By All

Ben engaged his audience with his knowledge and the processes involved in learning simple memory techniques. The interactive session was enjoyed immensely by all attendees, who left with lots of ideas to help them remember. One gentleman described his results as ‘amazing!’ All ages will benefit from attending this workshop

Yvette Thompson

Librarian - Kalamunda City

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